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Why are large department stores closing in big cities?

It would seem that sizeable multinational chain stores are having a hard time and I do not mean small chains, but many large multi-stores like Walmart, Whole Foods, Nordstrom, Walmart, Starbucks, and even CVS have all chosen to leave major US cities causing significant questions for the future of retail in some of the most prominent areas of our inner cities

So who or what has caused this to happen?

One reason has to be the number of people who worked from home during the recent COVID pandemic, most now say they enjoyed working from home so much that they have decided to continue to work from home.

Another reason is the sheer glut of retail units available in our inner cities and of course, the exorbitant rents and service charges property owners charge cannot help any retailer in the least

Then, of course, online shopping, I now choose to shop online and love the fact that by doing this I avoid all parking charges and crime which are rampant in the downtown areas of most of our cities.

As I said above I like to shop online, especially at my favorite online retailer BarainBrute who are based in downtown Fort Collins they always have bargains packed on their shelves all stocked in one of its many giant warehouses all of which are spread throughout the USA, Give them a try you won't regret it just follow this link (BargainBrute)

In ending, If we are to succeed in persuading some of these large retail giants back into our downtown areas, drastic changes have to be made to our downtown high streets, and that change should start today before it is too late for our inner city shopping areas

Steve Simmonds, Worldwide Breaking News


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