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About Worldwide Breaking News

Quality news, where you want it, when you want it.

WWB News” is an independent and impartial worldwide-class journalistic publication, noted for their unbiased approach when reporting global events and worldwide news.

Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, their dedicated family team of journalists and analysts are among the most dedicated team of reporters and freelance journalists found anywhere throughout the world, journalist who have learnt their trade while on assignment across the globe.

“WWB News” offers a unique point of view when reporting unfolding stories with such a refreshing perspective, that they not only publish the news but actually create stories around them, stories which allow their discerning audiences from around the globe to dissect, and comprehend with ease.

Because of the above, it would seem that not a day goes by that their printed content, content which covers many diverse platforms, sets the agenda for other news outlets, which in turn spark debates from around all corners of the world, thus provoking individualistic comments from across the journalistic world. So mind stirring is their novel approach towards media sciences that it regularly forces many of their competitor companies to alter the way they actually report the news an accolade which all at “WWB News” wear with pride

The business model “WWB News” utilises in its novel approach to worldwide events is second to none throughout the journalistic community and has resulted in much success, success which continues up until today. However, WWB News” has also realised that the world we live in today has reached a defining critical juncture, so much so that changes (which they embrace) to their original business model may be required in order to avoid possible disruptions, so it is with this in mind that “WWB News” will seek out new opportunities from around the globe in order to enrich their already bountiful international portfolio.

So many thanks for taking the time to visit “WWB News” and we hope to find you on the inside in the upcoming days when we will be continuing to do what we do best; “Report the News”.

Steve Simmonds

Owner & chief editor “WWB News”

Worldwide Breaking News Team Members

Steve Simmonds Owner and main Editor Wor


Steve Simmonds

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Worldwide Breaking News Production Specialist Greg Philips

Production Specialist

Greg Philips

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Inspirational Director

Paul my new Great Grandson


Today's mini tip; What is the optimal article length to insure reader attention?

When selecting an article for your website, make sure that it is a length which is optimal for search engine optimisation efforts.

Articles which are as short as 200 words or as long as 500 words should fit into this category. Even if search engine optimisation is not your objective, it is still an excellent suggestion to maintain your articles at this length for the sake of your reader’s.

Why? Simply put if it is any longer they are likely not to read the complete article, with the result that your readers will come away with only half of the information you intended, never to return.

The majority of readers on the internet do not read a website page as they would a paperback, so the briefer, the better, even if this involves separating one lengthy concept into 4 or 5 separate pages. Furthermore, be sure to categorise them so that the reader can make a choice of which part they want to read.

This way they will know what is coming up next thus helping them to determine if they wish to continue reading.

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