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What is causing the Australian Bushfires

What is causing the Australian Bushfires Worldwide Breaking News
What is causing the Australian Bushfires

Some of the most common reasons for most of the bushfires in Australia this season include trees falling on powerlines, lighting strikes, arsonists, unintentional kindling of surrounding foliage during agricultural land clearing, dropped matches, cigarettes, sparks caused by power tools, farm machinery and controlled backburning.

Eucalypt trees are tantamount with the Australian bushland and are what most Australians identify with when they hear the words "bushfire". The eucalyptus leaves contain highly flammable oils that can burn rapidly and exceptionally well in a fire.

There is on the horizon a bit of good news for the residents of Queensland, however, forecasters are predicting a slight reprieve and are forecasting lower temperatures which should help firefighters to bring a few of the fires under control. However, these lower temperatures will not last and are set to increase even higher by the end of the coming week.

Steve Simmonds

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