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Watch Incredible ibex goat Climb a Dam

This short YouTube video displays the spectacular sight of mountain goats defying gravity on a vertical dam wall in Italy, and all because they have a craving for some of Earth's elements essential to life.

The YouTube video shown below is brought to us by the incredible Professor Brian Cox, who has mixed some of the most spectacular sights on Earth including the ibex goat, the subject of this video, to reveal just how a handful of forces creates the planet's beauty.

The male ibex goat, the subject of the above video is one of several species of wild mountain goat, recognized by the male's substantial curved horns, diagonally ribbed in front of the gravity-defying animal.

Found in North Africa, East Africa and Eurasia, named after the Bezerro ancient Spanish for "Bull," it can grow to 45 inches and can weigh as much as 120 kg and can live a long and happy life of up to 20 years.

We here at Worldwide Breaking News hope you enjoyed our fabulous trek along with the gravity-defying ibex goat. Join us soon for more gravity-defying YouTube videos.

Steve Simmonds

Credits and Sources: Forces of Nature with Brian Cox, BBC YouTube


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