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UK record-breaking 563 coronavirus deaths and 4,324 cases in 24 hours

The UK recorded another 563 coronavirus deaths today, the worst day so far in the COVID-19 crisis.

This pushes the country's total death toll to 2,352, 48 per cent larger than yesterday's increase of 381, thus forcing the total up by a staggering 31 per cent in just one day.

Twenty-nine thousand four hundred seventy-four people have now tested positive for COVID-19, making the UK the fifth hardest-hit nation in Europe.

Elsewhere, Wales recorded 29 new deaths today, Scotland recorded another 16 fatalities with Ireland recording another two.

This terrible disease seems determined to rip apart society as we know it, and with the news of a 13-year-old, believed to be Ismail Mohamed Abdulwahab from Brixton, London, said to have died at King's College Hospital on Monday, and a 99-year-old patient dying on the same day it would appear that COVID-19 does not care as to what age it claims its victims

Undoubtedly Britain's darkest day so far, and with experts saying that there is worse to come then the future looks like it will be extremely bleak.

Steve Simmonds


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