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Truck Bomb Attack Kills Dozens

Syria war Truck Bomb Attack Kills Dozens Worldwide Breaking News
Syria war Truck Bomb Attack Kills Dozens

Syria War: Dozens massacred in a truck bomb attack at an Afrin market

More than 40 people have perished in a bomb attack situated in the Syrian city of Afrin, north-west of Syria

The governor of the nearby province of Hatay close to the Turkish border said a fuel tanker fitted with a hand-grenade, exploded at an overcrowded market-place

The governor and the defence ministry of Turkey both attributed the attack on the Kurdish militia group YPG, who they say operate alongside Kurdish militant groups within Turkey

Afrin is self-controlled by Turkish armed forces and are allied to Syrian opposition splinter groups.

Back in 2018, both factions initiated a joint operation to drive the Syrian YPG local militia out of the metropolis and surrounding regions.

The Turkish government alleges the YPG is an addition of the now-outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). The Turkish government is not alone in their findings, as both the EU and the US also class the group as a terrorist organisation

The above is a complete turn around for the United States as previously they relied on the YPG, to defeat the jihadist group Islamic State (IS) in Syria.

The Observatory for Human Rights a Syrian UK-based monitoring group said that the fuel tanker exploded at an open-air market in the central Souk Ali area of Afrin this past Monday close to Syrian government offices

The (OHR) went onto say that at that time of the day (midday) the market is ordinarily full of sho