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South Africa Sharp Increase in Sexual and Murder Crimes.

Crime, especially sexual and murder offences over the past year are reported to be increasing at a level, never before seen in South Africa, according to new figures out today.

Capetown police after conducting a decade long research program has informed us that sexual offences, accompanied by murders, have risen on average, by 4.6% each and every year, an astonishing figure which has some residents questioning whether it is safe to leave their homes after nightfall.

The report comes out after several high-profile rapes and murder cases over the past few weeks, which caused thousands of Capetown residents to take to the streets demanding better police protection.

Although the average of offences over the 10 years indicated an increase of 4.6% the actual increase for the current year for sexual crimes including rape was 9.6%

Other crimes figures also showed significant increases, attempted murder was up at 4.1%, common assault by 3.7% followed by arson which indicated a 5.5% increase. Furthermore, commercial crime did not fare any better by rising over 14%, mostly incurred by fraud.

Murder rates in South Africa have been steadily rising since 2011-12, in that year there were 15,554 recorded murders, however by 2018 that figure had increased to 21,022, that is roughly about 58 murders every day.

Steve Simmonds


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