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Race for Coronavirus Vaccine Strengthens

WASHINGTON — Four months after the Coronavirus (COVID-19) virus started its deadly march across the globe, the quest for a vaccine has taken on an intensity never before seen in medical history. So profound are these attempts to stop the spread of COVID-19 it is becoming clear that it will have enormous repercussions for the world economy, public health, e-commerce and politics as we know them today.

Spurred on by political leaders, including President Trump, it has become quite clear that all are increasing pressure for progress, knowing that at the end, there will be large potential profits at stake for both, drug makers and scientific researchers who it would seem, have taken up the quest and are moving ahead at unheard speed.

However, even with the above rapid pace of research only seven of the nearly 90 projects being followed by pharmaceutical makers, governments, biotech innovators and teaching laboratories have managed to attain actual clinical trials a worrying signal which may end with non-effective treatments being set loose on an already confused population.

Whether any coronavirus vaccine will prove effective and made available to the masses only time will tell, and more importantly, we will have to ask can we afford to sacrifice safety or wait for the standard two to ten years it would typically take to both research and distribute any regular virus vaccine.

If you want to look into any reliable research and development programs taking place today, we would recommend you visit the World Health Organisations Global research on coronavirus disease (COVID-19) or your local and national health authority all of which can be found online.

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Steve Simmonds

Worldwide Breaking News

Sources and credits Reuters


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