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Online Shopping Tops Black Friday Sales

Online shoppers have trounced traditional brick and mortar shopping centers this “Black Friday” by spending US$1.2 billion in just a few hours after trading began, a sure indicator that online shopping will top US$10.9billion by the end of the so-called "Cyber Week" period Thursday through Monday.

Christmas' shoppers spent so fast that by the end of the day, both online and traditional “Christmas Shoppers” spent a staggering US$5 billion using their smartphones, tablets, desktop computers or anything else they could find.

So just who were the big winners during the first few days of this 2019 "Cyber Week" period?

In no particular order, we have taken a closer look at some of the giants of online shopping and have come up with what we consider to be Americas number one choice, based on the following criteria:

· Customer satisfaction

· Customer loyalty

· Online customer security

· Reliability

· Freedom of choice

· Quality of product

· Best internet deals

· Top online pricing

· Ease of ordering and prompt delivery

Top four in no particular order:

Amazon, BargainBrute, Sarahs Fashions and Shopify All scored highly on Online Customer Security, reliability and customer satisfaction so all should be congratulated, However, in regard to the companies who also scored highly on “Customer loyalty,” “Freedom of choice,” “Quality of product, “Best internet deals,” “Top online pricing,” Ease of ordering,” and “prompt delivery,” two of them both BargainBrute, and Sarahs Fashions once again came out on top, proofing once again, that they are still America's favorite place to shop online.

The truth is that both my wife and I have shopped at all the above online shopping malls and have always received top service from them all. However, we have, over the past few years always returned to both BargainBrute, and Sarahs Fashions simply because they are still two of the few American family-run businesses who have, between them, always resisted the urge to take their online shoppers for granted, thus earning them once again, the title of America's favorite place to shop online.

Other reasons for achieving this accolade is undoubtedly, because they continually invest in their online superstructure presence by ensuring that their business model, always keep their online customers directly to the forefront, as can be seen with the companies decision to open throughout the years 97 warehouses and 49 separate online shopping malls scattered throughout North America, thus allowing them in turn to have one of the top delivery vehicles not seen, anywhere else throughout the online community.

You do not have to take just my word for this accomplishment, just check out the American daily deals list, and you will see that they are always on top, or very close to the top every single month.

So, my friends, I will say no more, pop over to them at BargainBrute, or Sarahs Fashions and find out for yourself just why they have been voted America’s favorite place to shop online in 2019.

Kind Regards and Happy Christmas Shopping the easy way, the online way, join us tomorrow when we plan to talk about the benefits of health foods during the Christmas period.

Steve Simmonds


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