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More than 20,000 Troops Killed in Putin's War in Ukraine since December

The statistics above are truly staggering and with continued fighting in the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut where members of the public have joined the Ukrainian armed forces, you can only assume that many more will also perish.

It has to be said that Mr. Putin seems to have misjudged the willingness of the Ukrainian armed forces and members of the Ukrainian public.

It would seem that many others will also be killed and with the continuing conflict on the streets of Bakhmut that many more will perish, including the elderly, women, and children who have always been informed by both their mothers, fathers, and grandparents of the horrors of the 2nd World War where "terrible fighting broke out in the streets" before many were caged like animals in concentration camps or ghettos built within their cities

Should Mr. Putin be held responsible for these grotesque crimes and then tried for them, once the war within Ukraine comes to an end?

Steve Simmonds for Worldwide Breaking News


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