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Koala in Australian Bushfire dies

A koala in Australian Bushfire dies has attracted widespread social media interest after being saved from a bushfire in Australia has died.

The #koala, nicknamed Lewis, had been transported to a veterinarian hospital after a woman yanked him from a tree during a bushland fire in New South Wales last week.

Video of the rescue showing Toni Doherty using her blouse to wrap up the koala was viewed across most social media platforms last week.

Vets said the marsupial was put down because his burns were not improving.

She told local news outlets she had been driving through the forest when she spotted the koala among the flames and heard its cries.

"I didn't realise they could cry out. It was just so heart-rending, and I knew I needed to get him out of there as quickly as possible," Ms Doherty told Nine News.

According to #vets at the animal shelter. The 14-year-old koala had significant burns to its chest, feet and other parts of its body and was suffering immensely.

The hospital has treated dozens of koalas injured from the #bushfires which have burnt through more than a million hectares in New South Wales alone.

The #blazes continue to burn, and officials warn that the worst of #Australia's season is still to come, endangering both animals and humans alike.

Steve Simmonds

Worldwide Breaking News

Credits and sources; Australian Nine-News, Toni Doherty New South Wales, BBC.UK


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