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Is Zimbabwe worse off than under former President Mugabe?

Is life in Zimbabwe more miserable than when former President Robert Mugabe was in power?

The answer it would seem is yes, at least according to Fadzayi Mahere, leader of the “Movement for Democratic Change” (MDC).

However, although in recent months, the economic status quo has worsened, there have been intervals during Mr Mugabe's long term in office when the economic indicators were much more imperfect.

Some see the oppositions call for protests over poor conditions in Zimbabwe as pure political posturing, especially when they go on to accuse the government of economic bungling.

The new leader of Zimbabwe, President Emmerson Mnangagwa used to be a follower of the late Robert Mugabe but has, since his predecessor was overthrown by the military two years ago, tended to distance himself from the ex dictators, dictatorial regime. However, this has not swayed the general population's belief that the country's economy has entered into a recessional period that shows signs of turning into a national depression.

However, even though the latest economic forecasts seem to back up the countries feelings, indicating that Zimbabwe’s economy has shrunk over the past year, the projected depreciation figure for Zimbabwe's economy is in fact only slightly higher than it was under Mugabe's last year in power.

In ending although it would seem that indeed living conditions in Zimbabwe have got slightly better since President Emmerson Mnangagwa came to power, Zimbabwe as a country has a long journey ahead even to begin to look like the jewel of Africa, it once was.

Steve Simmonds


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