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Firecracker Fruit Kills Elephant

India's outrage after pregnant Elephant dies eating firecracker fruit

Wildlife administrators in India are probing the death of a pregnant elephant after it ate a pineapple filled with fireworks.

The incident in Kerala caused fury after a forest administrator posted about the fatality on social media.

It's uncertain if it was an accident, who hid the fireworks within the fruit or why. However, it is known the poor animal spent days in pain before succumbing to his injuries.

The Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar told reporters that the government had taken a "serious note of the killing". Kerala's chief minister says the investigation concentrated on just three suspects, two of whom are undergoing interrogation right now, however, at this time there have been no other formal arrests.

In an earlier statement, the state forestry department had said, there was no "conclusive evidence" to link the death to firecrackers. However, most experts think the Elephant ate what is called a "pig cracker", intended to scare wild boars away from crops.

There has been significant outrage across most social media platforms, and Ratan Tata, spokesperson and chairman of Tata Sons, national leading businessmen, told, "justice needs to prevail".

Steve Simmonds


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