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Female Empowerment Award Awarded to US Online Shopping Outlet.

BargainBrute.Com voted America's favourite place to shop online in 2020 has once again, shown that they are one of, if not America's favourite place to shop online after receiving the Worldwide Breaking News, Female Empowerment Award often referred to as the American "WOW FACTOR AWARD."

Based in Fort Collins Colorado, this mega

online shopping outlet has, over the years proved themselves over and over again spawning over 50 different online outlets with over 3 million different products, all in stock and ready to be delivered to your doorstep, top quality guaranteed.

Furthermore, BargainBrute has, over the years, made it a priority to work both within the online shopping industry, and their local community to promote the empowerment of women in all aspects of life, an ethic which went far in our considerations of just who was to be awarded the "WOW FACTOR AWARD."

Many online shopping outlets would have been entirely satisfied to rest on their laurels, but

not, as can be seen with the creation of two more online shopping outlets Sarahs Fashions and Audrey's Artwork both situated in Fort Collins Colorado.

Sarah's fashions have in stock at all times ready to be shipped fashion and apparel for both men and women, and the new outlet Audrey's Artwork is a literal treasure trove of over 392,000 pieces of fine arts, posters and both, Metal Framed and Wood Framed Art. What's more, it is owned and operated by Audrey Vandergraph, the seven-year-old daughter of the owner of BargainBrute.Com Berkshire Vandergraph.

Prove of her leadership can be seen by the fact that Business Week Magazine has called her the youngest executive in the United States.

Our congratulations go out to the BargainBrute.Com Empire, an empire which is a 100% female-owned enterprise.

Steve Simmonds

Worldwide Breaking News.


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