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Donald Trump hinted shooting immigrants in the legs

A new book published in the New York Times suggests that Donald Trump privately indicated to White House staff that migrants, attempting to cross into the United States via Mexico, should be shot in the legs to slow down them down, but was informed by aides that it would be illegal.

The extreme methods described by New York Times reporters Michael Shear and Julie Davis based their story which covers a period of one week in the White House where Mr Trump discussed different methods of stopping migrants escaping into the country. Other proposed processes were the creation of an alligator-infested moat stretching the length of the border wall, electrifying the fence and adding large spikes to the apex of the wall.

It has become apparent that construction of the wall, one of Mr Trump’s electoral promises is now well underway with an estimated $3.6 million released by the Pentagon in recent weeks.

Thankfully aides did manage to persuade an obviously angry Trump not to go ahead with his plan but were forced to continue appeasing the President over the week-long period much to their peril as some, including Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, were simply pushed away

No comment on the allegations have been made from the White house

Steve Simmonds


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