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Canada’s climate is warming twice as quickly as most area’s of the world.

Polar Bear on ice flow Worldwide Breaking News
Polar Bear on ice flow Worldwide Breaking News

The #climate of #Canada, especially in the #Arctic, is warming at an incredible rate thought to be at least twice the rate of the rest of the world. Furthermore, the report suggests that many of the problems facing Canada’s climate are probably irreversible.

This latest #GlobalWarming report comes just after the Federal Government of Canada, imposed strict #carbon #taxes on four of Canada’s provinces, who have so far, have not implemented their plan for tackling #ClimateChange and #GlobalWarming.

Along with #rising #temperatures, (Canada’s temperatures has increased by 1.7C since records commenced in 1948). Most affected it would appear will be the #Arctic #Ocean where they predict extensive ice-free periods, within a couple of decades.

The report goes onto explain that with rising temperatures comes rising sea levels, which when coupled with more intense rainstorms, will increase the risk of #flooding for both #coastal and #urban areas causing major #flooding, flooding which has already been felt in many parts of Canada.