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Blood Sugar Ultra Goodbye to Metformin

Say goodbye to those horrifying test strips, needles and Metformin and say hello to “Blood Sugar Ultra,” a natural extract used by the “Siddi Tribe” living in the “Gir forest” in “Gujarat India” to control high blood sugar levels, usually associated with “Type 2 Diabetes.”

You may ask yourself if this revolutionary treatment actually works, why are doctors and pharmaceutical companies not

marketing this product? Well, it has to be said, although “Blood Sugar Ultra,” has never been tested to find out if it is safe to use on human beings, (at least it appears to be working among the natives of the Indian Gir forest, ) it would appear that it is not marketed simply because of money.

Yes, money, anyone who suffers from this decease will tell you just how expensive and sometimes complicated it is to buy all the medication and paraphernalia required to cope with “Type 2 Diabetes,” and we all know deep down, that the treatment for this horrible disease is worth millions to the giant pharmaceutical companies, so why would they advertise this newfound naturally made drug and risk losing the billions they make from the design of yet more treatments like Metformin. Can’t blame them really can we?

So who found this miracle elixir? For that, we have to thank Ethan Addington, who in an attempt to make life easier for his mother searched the globe for an alternative to “Metformin,” one of the most accepted medications used to fight high blood sugar levels in people who suffer from “Type 2 Diabetes.” (in 2012 alone, the estimated cost of diabetes in the USA hit an all-time high of US$245 billion)

Author’s note: We here at Worldwide Breaking News will bring you more information regarding this apparent miracle drug as we receive it, we would also like to take this moment in time to remind you that you should never stop, or begin taking a new medical treatment without first consulting a health professional or your doctor.

For more information relating to “Type 2 Diabetes” please follow the following links: If in Canada “Diabetes Canada.” If in the USA “American Diabetes Association” or in the United Kingdom “Diabetes United Kingdom”

Steve Simmonds


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