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    • 91,000 new COVID-19 cases as presidential election nears

      As the contest between Donald Trump and Joe Biden comes to a head next Tuesday, the United States is battling even higher numbers of new Covid-19 cases breaking all previous records with an alarming total of 91,000 new Covid-19 cases As Americans continue to vote in record numbers, so does the alarming increase of new Covid-19 cases in all states, and with that increase comes more deaths, 1,000 of them in all and all spread throughout the American mainland Just what sort of America, Americans will be waking up to after the presidential election results come in next Tuesday is hard to imagine; however, one thing has become clear, American hospitals have reached a stage where they are struggling to cope not only with COVID-19 cases but with everyday hospitalizations How long hospitals can carry on coping with this upsurge is anyone's guess, but with latest figures indicating that one American is becoming infected every second, it is quite clear that the frontline health workers deserve our thanks and gratitude I guess the question we should be asking is how much longer do we continue to allow our political leaders to place Americans in harm's way as they battle for the White House? For myself, I will be glad when the two major combatants in this American Presidential election, Donald Trump and Joe Biden have finalized their arguments, whether that be Donald Trump or Joe Biden who is in the White House after next Tuesday's Presidential Election is not the point, as what we need now is strong leadership and not just two guys seemingly attempting to better their political objectives even if that means placing the average Americans life in danger Authors note: What follows is a statement made by the hospital federation Wisconsin a comment which should show us how unsafe it has become in our nation's hospitals "In the battleground state of Wisconsin, hospitals in Green Bay warned that President Trump's Friday rally there could make the outbreak worse". I think that statement says it all You all take care Steve Simmonds Worldwide Breaking News

    • COVID-19 symptoms what are they and what to do

      There are three main symptoms to look out for, and if you have just one of them then you should immediately get tested Symptoms of COVID-19 New and uninterrupted cough, if you find yourself coughing for more than an hour, or having three or more coughing bouts over 14 hours A high temperature "Fever" a temperature more than 37.8C is considered to be one of the main COVID-19 symptoms Sudden change in smell or taste - either you can't taste, or these senses are different than usual, get a COVID Test Even if you have just one of the above symptoms you should get a test as fast as you can do not hesitate and do not leave your residence except to get the test Any person who you live with, or who is in your support bubble, should additionally self-isolate until the test result arrives. It can take five days on average from the moment you are contaminated for any symptoms to show, however, be prepared as according to the World Health Authority (WHO) it can take more than 14 days for any symptoms to become evident Lastly, when you get your test results, and they indicate that they are positive, your whole household must all begin operating under strict self-isolation rules. Steve Simmonds Worldwide Breaking News

    • Canada’s climate is warming twice as quickly as most area’s of the world.

      The #climate of #Canada, especially in the #Arctic, is warming at an incredible rate thought to be at least twice the rate of the rest of the world. Furthermore, the report suggests that many of the problems facing Canada’s climate are probably irreversible. This latest #GlobalWarming report comes just after the Federal Government of Canada, imposed strict #carbon #taxes on four of Canada’s provinces, who have so far, have not implemented their plan for tackling #ClimateChange and #GlobalWarming. Along with #rising #temperatures, (Canada’s temperatures has increased by 1.7C since records commenced in 1948). Most affected it would appear will be the #Arctic #Ocean where they predict extensive ice-free periods, within a couple of decades. The report goes onto explain that with rising temperatures comes rising sea levels, which when coupled with more intense rainstorms, will increase the risk of #flooding for both #coastal and #urban areas causing major #flooding, flooding which has already been felt in many parts of Canada. Although the average temperature increase for Canada is said to be at least +1.7c, #Northern parts of Canada are facing even more significant challenges, both the Northern #Prairies and #British #Columbia have seen their temperatures increase by a staggering 2.3C and will continue to do so unless drastic changes are actioned by the said provinces and the Federal Government. Authors note: While mother nature herself has contributed to these extraordinary events it has to be said, that human activities, have and will continue to have, a direct impact on everyone's lives not only in Canada but @Globally. You can read the full report at the following link The federal government climate report Steve Simmonds Climate Change and Global Warming Worldwide Breaking News

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    • Online Shopping | Worldwide Breaking News |Quebec,Canada

      From Amazon to Zara, we reveal the humble beginnings of some of the planet's leading businesses. As the age-old saying goes "mighty oaks from little acorns grow" and many of the world's largest and most profitable online firms started surprisingly small in bedrooms, lounges, garages and sheds. From Amazon to Zara, we reveal the humble beginnings of some of the planet's leading businesses. ​ based in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains BargainBrute.Com Centered near to the foothills of the "Rocky Mountains" in the vicinity of the historical municipality of Fort Collins, Colorado, they have, for countless years been an outstanding example of how to provide to their evergrowing online client base.

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