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    • Canada’s climate is warming twice as quickly as most area’s of the world.

      The #climate of #Canada, especially in the #Arctic, is warming at an incredible rate thought to be at least twice the rate of the rest of the world. Furthermore, the report suggests that many of the problems facing Canada’s climate are probably irreversible. This latest #GlobalWarming report comes just after the Federal Government of Canada, imposed strict #carbon #taxes on four of Canada’s provinces, who have so far, have not implemented their plan for tackling #ClimateChange and #GlobalWarming. Along with #rising #temperatures, (Canada’s temperatures has increased by 1.7C since records commenced in 1948). Most affected it would appear will be the #Arctic #Ocean where they predict extensive ice-free periods, within a couple of decades. The report goes onto explain that with rising temperatures comes rising sea levels, which when coupled with more intense rainstorms, will increase the risk of #flooding for both #coastal and #urban areas causing major #flooding, flooding which has already been felt in many parts of Canada. Although the average temperature increase for Canada is said to be at least +1.7c, #Northern parts of Canada are facing even more significant challenges, both the Northern #Prairies and #British #Columbia have seen their temperatures increase by a staggering 2.3C and will continue to do so unless drastic changes are actioned by the said provinces and the Federal Government. Authors note: While mother nature herself has contributed to these extraordinary events it has to be said, that human activities, have and will continue to have, a direct impact on everyone's lives not only in Canada but @Globally. You can read the full report at the following link The federal government climate report Steve Simmonds Climate Change and Global Warming Worldwide Breaking News

    • WWBNEWS Climate Change Mission Statement

      WWBNEWS Climate Change has just one mission, a mission which will hopefully inspire people to join us in a #Global fight against #climatechange and #globalwarming You will already be aware that the #environmental and #economic threats posed by climate change are already devastating our planet, thus leaving us with only one choice, to act now before it is too late. Please join us in the fight against World Global Warming. You will never be asked for money, you will only be asked for your commitment against climate change and World Global Warming Already we have witnessed the devastating effects' climate change and worldwide global warming has had on parts of the world we live in, some of these will possibly never recover, so this should be taken as a warning to all mankind. By joining us here at WWBNEWS climate Change, you will be helping your children’s children’s future we owe it to them, they are our future, who are we to take that away from them. At the recent #COP24 conference in #Poland, some scientists have even put a time frame on what time we have left to act against Climate Change before it is too late, the time to act is not measured in generations, or in hundreds of years, they have said quite simply if we do not act within 12 years it may be too late. Steve Simmonds WWBNEWS Climate Change #COP24 #Poland

    • Wearing a face mask, dos and don'ts

      In an endeavour to get every single American to wear a face mask to ease the spread of the Coronavirus, the Association of American Medical Colleges has released a straight-forward guide for the general American population The recommendations are meant to give everybody in America with a unified method for wearing face masks correctly in an attempt to end misinformation and untruths mainly on social media which causes undue hardships and some of which are a danger to life "Doctor Grover reminded all that until a vaccine has been discovered and implemented to the general population the face mask is the only way to reducing the impact of this pandemic Grover had some rather startling statistics as to the wearing of a face mask saying that if you and others in your vicinity wear a facemask, then the transmission of the Coronavirus can drop by almost 90% plus a figure which we all have to admit is good for the American population as a whole The company researching the effectiveness of a face mask is the well respected AAMC, a nonprofit association which represents all of the accredited US and Canadian teaching hospitals, medical schools, academic societies and health systems The research compiled by the AAMC association assembled the new recommendations utilizing the latest scientific evidence and studies on mask use gleaned by the US Centers for Disease Control and other health professionals What masks to wear Their findings indicate that any form of face-covering should cover both your mouth and nose and worn in a way that it minimizes any possible gaps around your chin and nose and if a person is using a face mask made of cloth then it must have a minimum of at least two layers cloth face masks should have at least two layers although a face mask with three layers should give a wearer optimal protection Should I wear a face mask while indoors? Wearing a face mask indoors "is essential" because super-group events are more likely to happen indoors, they go on to say that face coverings should be worn by everyone age two and up no exceptions and I include all visitors be it be relatives or friends, the above guidelines should also be used in all public buildings and businesses When to wear masks outdoors The safest option for everyone age two and older when outside is to wear a mask at all times, even when momentarily passing by other members of the public, who may be out walking the dog, running, there should be no exceptions Of course, If you are in the open and are not expecting to be near other people, then masks are not required. However, try and avoid nonessential activities and gatherings that bring people within 6 feet (1.83 m) of each other or cause more forceful breathing, such as playing sports or singing, with or without face coverings. To those who say face masks are uncomfortable, "I would agree; however, there are things which we all do to take reasonable precautions; like using our seatbelts, not just most of the time but all the time, remember the wearing of seatbelts is the law just as the wearing of face masks should be, so let's get with it and use them, and kick this horrid Coronavirus into touch together Simply put: "We know this will help you, and we know it'll benefit the surrounding people, so it needs to be the new normal." If you have a face mask, please put it on Steve Simmonds Worldwide Breaking News Credits Picture Photo by Paulo Silva on Unsplash

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