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Climate Change is happening now, we must act now before it is to late

Climate Chaange Demonstration
If they care we care act now in the fight against Climate Change and Global warming

Climate Change is happening now that is why Worldwide Breaking News has decided on mission, a mission which will hopefully inspire people to join us in a #Global fight against #climate change and #global warming

You will already be aware that the #environmental and #economic threats posed by Climate Change are already taking place, we can see the devastating effects Climate Change is having on our planet it is all around us we do not have to look far so with this in-mind we are left with only one choice,"to act now before it is too late" for our future our children and there children.

Please join us in the fight against World Global Warming. You will never be asked for money, you will only be asked for your commitment against climate change and World Global Warming

Already we have witnessed the devastating effects' climate change and worldwide global warming has had on parts of the world we live in, some of these will possibly never recover, so this should be taken as a warning to all mankind.

By joining us here at WWBNEWS climate Change, you will be helping your children’s children’s future we owe it to them, they are our future, who are we to take that away from them.

At the recent #COP24 conference in #Poland, some scientists have even put a time frame on what time we have left to act against Climate Change before it is too late, the time to act is not measured in generations, or in hundreds of years, they have said quite simply if we do not act within 12 years it may be too late.

Steve Simmonds

WWBNEWS Climate Change


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