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Worldwide Breaking News Friday News Headline Roundup ten of this weeks top read stories

Brexit Boris Johnson to send an extension letter to the EU. Boris Johnson to send a letter to the EU asking for a Brexit delay if no deal is agreed by 19 October, according to government papers submitted to a Scottish court. For the full article please use the above link.

Student suspended after showing a Tinder profile picture with sleeping Jewish man. A student has been suspended because of complaints his dating app profile picture, showed him posing next to a sleeping orthodox Jewish man on the London underground. For the full article, please use the above link.

A woman dressed in swimsuit photo-shamed by prospective employer. A company in Texas posted a picture of a job applicant wearing a swimsuit as an example of how not to apply for a job. Marketing company Kickass Masterminds posted an Instagram slide, (has now been removed) of candidate Emily Clow, along with advice on professionalism. For the full article, please use the above link.

Trump-Ukraine: Text messages showing diplomat's alarm over plans. Text messages issued by Democrats in Congress disclose how US officials toiled to push the Ukrainian president into launching a public inquiry into President Trump's leading opponent, Joe Biden. The messages come as Mr Trump faces a formal impeachment inquiry about it. For the full article, please use the above link.

National Lottery conman imprisoned for £2.5m fake ticket fraud. A conman who attempted to cash in a counterfeit National Lottery ticket to claim a £2.5m jackpot has been imprisoned for nine years. Edward Putman, 54, claimed he had found the winning ticket under a seat in his van in 2009 just before the deadline to claim the win passed. For the full article, please use the above link.

The Beatles Abbey Road returns to number one after more than 49 years. The Beatles' Abbey Road has come back to the number one spot, 50 years after it first topped the album tables. The Fab Four regained the top spot with an expanded anniversary edition. The feat also sees the album set a record - the gap of 49 years and 252 days since its initial chart-topping run ended in early 1970 is the longest gap before returning to number one. For the full article, please use the above link.

Hong Kong Face mask ban prompts thousands to protest Thousands have joined unplanned protests in Hong Kong after the territory's government announced a face mask ban, which came into effect at midnight (16:00 GMT). Chief executive Carrie Lam invoked a colonial-era emergency law in a bid to quell months of anti-government unrest. For the full article, please use the above link.

Diahann Carroll Pioneering actress dies aged 84. US actress Diahann Carroll, who won Golden Globe and Tony awards and was nominated for an Oscar, has died. Carroll, who was 84, starred in the 1960s TV show Julia, the first US sitcom to centre on a black woman. For the full article, please use the above link.

Paris police killings: Investigation handed to anti-terror prosecutor. Anti-terror investigators have taken over the inquiry into the killing of four police employees by a colleague in Paris on Thursday. A 45-year-old IT specialist killed three police officers and an administrative worker in a knife rampage at Paris police headquarters.

Viewpoint How a hug sparked debate on race and forgiveness. A remarkable display of benevolence from the brother of a murder victim to his murderer was, to some, a heart-wrenching example of compassion. However, to others, it was an extreme example of African Americans forced to respond to acts of violence with understanding, For the full article please use the above link.

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