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White Neo-Nazi Supremacists Groom Teenagers

Secret endeavours to groom and enlist teens by a neo-Nazi militant group have been uncovered after clandestine tape-recordings are found

The secret recordings capture senior members of the white neo-nazi supremacist group known as "The Base," interviewing young teens before then discussing how they could be better radicalized

The FBI described the group as wanting to incite a race war by uniting white supremacists from all walks of life living throughout the world

The tapes handed over to the BBC One's popular "Panorama" weekly program were first the property of the US civil rights organization, a Southern Poverty Law Centre.

The nature of their content is said to be of such an explosive nature that at first, they were hard to believe. However, due to the detailed content found within them, researchers have amongst themselves agreed as to there validity

The founder of "The Base", a 47-year-old American named Rinaldo Nazzaro, directs the neo-Nazi militant group out of his affluent flat in St. Petersburg Russia, and has already been the subject of an earlier BBC investigation

The secret tapes reveal the original interviews took place via an encrypted conference call app.

All interviews followed the same pattern, interviewees were first quizzed as to their ethnicity, personal history and personal journey through radicalization