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Vaping banned in public

Man smoking a vape machine
Vaping Banned in Public

I have to say that I have vaped for over five years and can honestly say that without vaping I would never have stopped my two-pack of Marlboro cigarette habit so I find it hard to understand just why the Australian government has chosen to ban vaping in public.

According to the Australian government vaping, especially among the young has become an epidemic. So who is to blame? Perhaps one of the vaping companies out there, or maybe because of all the different flavors they are putting into their products, flavors like orange, and peppermint to mention two of many so itis hard to understand just why the government has

Why is Vaping banned in public in Australia?

Already Vaping machines in Australia can only be purchased at a pharmacy and believe it or not, most require a prescription from a doctor. However, the Australian government has seen vaping as a way to quit smoking so it is tough to understand just why they are treating vaping in such a hard way.

As I have already mentioned above I cannot see myself not smoking cigarettes if it were not for my vaping machine as it is now my doctor my family, my grandchildren, and my great-great-grandchildren are all proud of me for putting the deadly weed down so that makes me happy and so I will continue with my vapor machine.

It has to be said that not all governments feel the same about vaping take the United Kingdom's government, they have started to hand out vaping machines to some smokers for free, in a program they call "Swap to stop" program. Why are they doing this, simply because they have seen that using a vape machine is not as dangerous as smoking the real thing as it does not contain the harmful substances which remain in cigarettes when they are made?

In ending, it would be unfair of me not to mention that vapes are not risk-free, they do like cigarettes contain chemicals which we do not know what the long-term implications of using a vapor machine are, however, I for one honestly believe that a vapor machine is not as dangerous as smoking a cigarette so I will continue to do so.

Authors note: When I first started using a vape machine I had a mixture of nicotine which was 18 percent, now with the help of the guy at my local vape shop I am down to nearly zero content so what else can I say except for me using a vapor machine has been good for me and my whole family so I will continue using it.

Many thanks to all of you for reading I await your comments

Kind Regards


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