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Sinkhole in Rome reveals ancient imperial pavement

A sinkhole that appeared near the famed Pantheon in Rome has exposed an early imperial pavement the seven slabs dating back to 27 to 25 B.C, were discovered approximately 8.2 feet underneath cobbles adjacent to the Pantheon.

Recent studies indicate that Hydroxychloroquine had no benefits for 'seriously ill' coronavirus patients.

A hefty study of more than 1,400 COVID-19 patients has exposed that the contentious coronavirus treatment hydroxychloroquine produced no benefits for any of the people involved in the research.

The research, published by the American Medical Association this past Monday, focused on 1,438 patients from 25 infirmaries in the state of New York between March 15th and March 28th. Of these, 735 patients were given Hydroxychloroquine with azithromycin, 271 were given Hydroxychloroquine alone, 211 received just azithromycin and 221 acted as a control group.

Vaccine project targeting COVID-19's 'Achilles heel' announced

Scientists at Israel's prominent Tel Aviv Academy along with the biopharmaceutical corporation Neovii, have announced a project to grow a COVID-19 vaccine. Consultants involved in the effort say that they are aiming at the "Achilles heel" of the coronavirus.

Prior to this week, Ramot, a Tel Aviv University technology transfer company, signed an arrangement with Swiss-based biopharmaceutical firm Neovii to progress the vaccine.

The hoped for vaccine is based on epitope, which is a part of an antigen or external protein that can kindle an immune response, the vaccine aims to recreate the coronavirus' receptor binding Motif (RBM), a perilous construction of its "spike" protein. This according to the Tel Aviv University.

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