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Three Killed in Marseille Attack.

Three killed in Marseille
The Drug Gangs of Marseille

The warm and sultry night in the southern city of Marseille erupted into violence when three men stepped onto the cobbled pavement to enter their car after exiting a nightclub. They did not notice the armed gang who were lying in wait for them all were armed with the deadly Kalashnikov rifle Two of the victims managed to flee on foot as did the unknown assailants, the other victim died where he had been slain. Police are linking the attack with drug violence which has surged in Marseille in recent months., In total, there were Three Killed in Marseille Attack

The weapon used in the attack was a Kalashnikov automatic rifle which has become a standard weapon of choice for terrorist groups, and armed gangs around the world.

The Kalashnikov rifle is a Russian-made weapon nicknamed the "Kalash"

It is estimated that there are an estimated 72 million Kalashnikov rifles in global circulation and as mentioned above, the weapon of choice for terrorist organizations and armed gangs around the world.

When interviewed by local police they informed us that this latest shooting brings the total killed in drug-related crime to 21 this year alone

Agents for the local police also went on to say that all five were known to the police, and after finding the car they were using ablaze adjacent to some flats in Marseille it also pointed towards drug violence because drug dealers often do this to their cars to hide any evidence which may be left in the car.

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