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The March of the Deserts

Although deserts usually form in the sub-tropics mainly because of hot air rising from the hot equator areas of the planet before dropping back to Earth in the tropics, what else is causing this alarming march of our deserts?

The answer may upset a lot of people, as it is caused by us, man-made Global Warming created by Climate Change

Author's note: To Help us understand this horrific man-made catastrophe, we have, here at Worldwide Breaking News, put together a short video showing the shocking march of the Sahara. Please watch until the end, as at the end of the video you will see a small boy whose open stare tells us all. After seeing that stare just how can we go on destroying the future of our planet, our children, and their children, only time will tell, So let's hope we have not left it too late.

If you want more proof of this alarming state of affairs we do not have to look far Libya for instance used to be a lush grassy country before the early 1920s, now however, it has been overrun by the Sahara desert which has advanced by over 500 km and in doing so covered Libya in deep yellow sand causing massive water shortages all year round, and what makes things worse is that it is only going to get worse as mankind continues in his quest to destroy this once blue planet

Kind Regards Steve


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