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The Christmas Office Party

For those who have not yet celebrated the year with your office families, bear in mind that within the United States, 30 people die each and every 51 minutes from alcohol-related accidents, this adds up to a grand total (2012) of more than 10,000 people.

Over the Christmas and New Year period in December alone, 27 people will perish every single day, equal to 20 Jumbo Jets crashing into your back garden.

If you are reading this short narrative chances are that you are planning to go to your annual Office Christmas Party or for some, you have already gone. For those that have already been, congratulations you have survived and will live to tell the story, for those who have not, we have three simple pieces of advice:

Do not take the car, have a designated driver and use one of the many organised options which will help you back to your home safe and sound.

Please find below a list of organisations which can help you arrive home safe this Christmas Holiday Season

My thanks go to the Elite Driving School for compiling this list,

Steve Simmonds

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