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Thank You Healthcare Workers

Never before has a group of people deserved our thanks more than our Doctors, Nurses and emergency services. They, with little or no regard for their own safety, place themselves in harms way daily, and it is a simple fact, without them, we would surely perish.

So let us all stand and cheer these people, these fantastic people, who know that they will probably catch this horrendous disease but still, with eyes wide open, put our safety above their own, treating us with both kindness and professional compassion.

Yes, we owe them much, in-fact we owe them everything, so the next time you see one of these courageous people slumped in a hospital corridor, exhausted and bewildered with the sheer enormity of a disease which can creep up on a person with little or no warning whatsoever, so hail them, as they are our saviours, in-fact without them we would just not exist

So here's to the bravest people on our planet, help them anytime you can and show them that you care by giving them a simple word of thanks.

Steve Simmonds


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