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Rugby World Cup 2019 Extreme weather warning published as typhoon closes in on Japan

Extreme weather warnings have been issued by “World Cup 2019” organizers, as typhoon bears down on the Island of Hokaido Japan. Already the storm has caused the closure of two fanzones this Saturday.

The powerful typhoon has already caused England v Tonga scheduled to be played Sunday to be played inside at the Sapporo Dome, other matches should not be affected.

Although organisers have taken the decision to move the England v Tonga match inside the expected storm should not affect other games scheduled to be played on Sunday. However, organisers have said the Typhoon will bring heavy rains and winds to the area so are keeping an open mind while continuing to monitor the progress of the storm.

World Cup 2019 organisers have been quick to point out that typhoons are just part of the way of life when living close to the beautiful islands of both Kumamoto and Fukuoka and rarely cause many disruptions. However, they have been quick to point out that everyone should remain vigilant and obey all instructions of the emergency services if required.

We have been told by organisers that if a match has to be abandoned hallway during the group stages, then the game will be given a “Nil- Nil” score.

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Steve Simmonds



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