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New Jersey shooting six dead schools on lockdown

A police officer father of five, and 5 others have been shot dead after a shootout in the US state of New Jersey, all schools in the area have been locked-down


Just after 12.30pm, local time gunfire erupted on the streets of New Jersey after police were called to a Jewish grocery store near the corner of Bayview Avenue and Martin Luther King Drive in Jersey City, where a suspected armed holdup turned horribly wrong.

Three of the deceased were shot and killed inside the store as the members of the gang escaped onto the roof where they again opened fire on both the police and the public as they scaled adjacent rooftops in an attempt to escape capture.

The video below shows police attempting to search for other armed gunfire while being under attack by gang members hiding out on the rooftops adjacent to Bayview Avenue. Warning video contains distressing scenes

The dead officer named as Detective Joseph Seals was a senior detective with 15 years service and was head of the “Cease Fire Unit” a state-wide initiative helping to remove guns and other weapons from the streets, he was also a father of five children

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Steve Simmonds

Credits and Sources: Australian Nine News


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