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Man in Red Hat and White Beard Tours North America

Sweeping through the skies over the northern seas, just below the "North Pole," many "Canadians" caught sight of this annual visitor as he and his team of reindeer made their way south on their way to the heart of the "Colorado Mountains," presumably to visit the small city of "Fort Collins" in the "United States"

"Worldwide Breaking News" has been told by reliable sources that this trip will not replace "Santa Clause,s" regular trip which of course as we know, happens every year on the 25th December

Yes, he is in-fact just on a fact-finding mission, a mission which will take up to "Christmas Day" to complete, a task we here at "Worldwide Breaking News" intend to keep you posted as best as we can

Before crossing over from "Canada" to the "United States," the old man was met in the old City of "Quebec Canada" where he was given a hearty breakfast of "Pancakes" and "Maple Syrup" to keep him sustained for the second half of his journey from "Quebec City" south across the "Rocky Mountains" to his destination "Fort Collins"

It is here we are informed where he will be meeting some friends of ours the "Vandergraph" family, who run a family-run online retail business named "BargainBrute.Com" who incidentally has just been voted America's favorite place to shop online

Just why he has chosen this destination we are not quite sure; however, it may be because he is checking out some of the excellent family bargain-priced products found at this online retail store