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Life-Saving Coronavirus Drug Major Breakthrough

An inexpensive, widely obtainable drug can help save the lives of patients severely ill with Coronavirus.

The drug dexamethasone a low-dose steroid medication is a significant breakthrough in the fight against the deadly COVID-19 virus according to UK specialists carrying out the trials

The cheap drug has been just one of the drugs specialists have used in what has been described as the world's most prominent Coronavirus trial.

Scientists now know that if the drug had been available from the start of the pandemic, approximately 5,000 lives would have been saved.

Numeric indicators indicate that the drug would have cut the deaths of anyone sick enough to be placed on a ventilator by at least a third. For those who required oxygen, like the British Prime minister Boris Johnson by at least a fifth

Researchers have also determined that the lifesaving drug would be an enormous benefit to poorer countries who at the moment have many numbers of patients

The UK authority already has 200,000 lots of the drug in its stockpile and will soon make dexamethasone readily available to patients shortly

A jovial British Prime Minister Boris Johnson when asked by "Michelle Roberts Health editor, BBC News online" that this was a genuine case to celebrate "a remarkable British scientific achievement", adding: "We have taken steps to ensure we have enough supplies, even in the event of a second peak," the UK Chief Medical Officer echoed Johnson's remarks saying "it would save lives around the world".