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Homeless people poisoned in California man charged

A man in California has been accused of poisoning 8 homeless people with an ingredient "100% stronger" than pepper-spray, causing seizure-like symptoms, difficulty breathing and vomiting,

Why a person would even contemplate doing something like this beggars belief and if this was not enough the man,38 years of age William Robert Cable, then went onto film his victims as they rived in agony.

Using a poison "oleoresin capsicum" (pepper spray) commonly used by both police and emergency agencies for controlling riots and crowd control. The adverse effects are both severe and many. They include a burning sensation and dreadful pain within a person's eyes, temporary blindness, a burning sensation in the lungs, which if inhaled deeply will lead to severe shortness of breath.

This was not an indiscriminate attack, far from it, they were in fact preyed upon according to the Orange County district attorney Todd Spitzer, just because they were vulnerable. Furthermore, and even more twisted all were filmed just for the twisted man's entertainment, entertainment which he would be able to watch time after time again.

If found guilty, the 38-year-old suspect could face up to 19 years in prison, where I am sure he will become a source of entertainment to others confined within the jail setting.

As mentioned above, this was not an indiscriminate on-the-spur attack, it was indeed a well planned premeditated act of violence. Carried out in the Huntington Beach area "Cable" lured his victims by telling them that they were participating in a "spicy food challenge," all were given ample servings of beer to wash the contaminated concoction down.

Police are actively requesting other witnesses to come forward as they believe he could have targeted others.

If found guilty, he could be given up to 19 years in prison.

Steve Simmonds

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Credits and sources: BBC.UK

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