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Escape from the Ain Issa Displacement Camp in Northern Syria

Surrounded by Syrian led forces on one side, Kurdish forces on the other and Turkish military to their front, the fate of, or for that matter the actual whereabouts of thousands of IS family members including women and children is as of yet unknown.

Just where these people have gone is anyone's guess, but it has become quite clear that a humanitarian crisis not seen since the end of the “II World War” is unfolding before our very own eyes. Just how bad the situation is can be seen by the American decision to evacuate US troops from the immediate vicinity of Northern Syria.

Anyone who has been in a war-related situation will tell you that to attempt to break out of an area surrounded by troops of many different ideologies is both terrifying and nearly impossible. The first thing you will notice as you try to escape is the horrid smell of cordite drifting about a foot off the ground highlighting the grotesque forms of what used to be your friends, then after a while, when you grow accustomed to your surroundings, the stench of rotten corpses will engulf your nostrils stinging your lungs so much so, that you retch continually as you inch your way onward to where you have no idea but anywhere will be better than the place you are in now.

Yes, this is what is happening as we prepare to celebrate “Thanksgiving” we should be ashamed, it would seem we have learnt nothing since the horrors of two world wars, one of which was apparently fought so that we would never again go to war. Incidentally the second world war lasted just 6 years, the current situation in the far east has been going on ever since and shows no sign of ending anytime soon.

Who should we blame? While it is true that the current situation started after President Donald Trump decided to withdraw American troops from the area, not all should be blamed on the Americans, it should, in fact, be blamed on us all for ideally sitting by and accepting the horrible warmongering which goes on behind closed doors by our elected officials all who have just one thing of their minds “OiI”.

So in conclusion, while you are carving that first piece of turkey, this “Thanksgiving” spare a thought for the unfortunate women and children who decided just last night that they had had enough.

Will we ever find out where they have gone? I very much doubt it.

Steve Simmonds

WWB News

Credits cover picture NBC News

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