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Cyclone Mocha hits Myanmar 200 km winds reported

Looking for shelter as Cyclone Mocha hits Myanmar
Cyclone Mocha hits Myanmar

3 people are feared dead as Cyclone Mocha hits Myanmar rips roofs from buildings and crushes cellphone towers before scattering their remains over vast areas of land

This past Sunday was no ordinary Sunday for most people living in Myanmar, most took shelter where ever they could find, the rest of Myanmar residents however, chose safer venues like Schools, and monasteries.

It seems the people of Myanmar knew what was to come after viewing reports from Saint Martin's Island in Bangladesh, where the cyclone although not making landfall injured many of its population and caused extensive damage, before turning away from the coastline to continue on its way towards Myanmar.

Reports coming out of the area have been hampered by the loss of most of the country's communication systems, however, one report we have been able to decipher is that in low-lying areas, most streets have been flooded, and damaged houses were at risk of total collapse.

Reports from the military who have been on the ground since the cyclone was first reported to have said apart from damaged homes, cellphone towers had collapsed thus causing the large electrical transformers which they supported to crash to the ground shedding dangerous metal and slivers of the inner transformer stater throughout the now saturated ground.

We are told that so far more than 4000 residents of Sitwee’s 300,000 residents have been evacuated, on Coco Islands close to 400 km from the country's largest city of Yangon, roofs of many prominent buildings including sports buildings have been ripped off scattering their remains into the paths of residents attempting to get to safety

We here at Worldwide Breaking News will keep you up-to-date as more information comes in

Steve Simmonds


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