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COVID-19 symptoms what are they and what to do

There are three main symptoms to look out for, and if you have just one of them then you should immediately get tested

Symptoms of COVID-19

New and uninterrupted cough, if you find yourself coughing for more than an hour, or having three or more coughing bouts over 14 hours

A high temperature "Fever" a temperature more than 37.8C is considered to be one of the main COVID-19 symptoms

Sudden change in smell or taste - either you can't taste, or these senses are different than usual, get a COVID Test

Even if you have just one of the above symptoms you should get a test as fast as you can do not hesitate and do not leave your residence except to get the test

Any person who you live with, or who is in your support bubble, should additionally self-isolate until the test result arrives.

It can take five days on average from the moment you are contaminated for any symptoms to show, however, be prepared as according to the World Health Authority (WHO) it can take more than 14 days for any symptoms to become evident

Lastly, when you get your test results, and they indicate that they are positive, your whole household must all begin operating under strict self-isolation rules.

Steve Simmonds

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