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Coronavirus, Online shopping, Doubles

The call for online grocery shopping has almost doubled within a month since Coronavirus hit. Supermarkets have made considerable efforts to adapt to the changing countryside, increasing distribution openings while working with the NHS to reach elderly and susceptible clienteles. Sainsbury's, the UK's second-biggest supermarket, was the first to select the above groups - but there have been problems. We spoke to the lady in control and asked what the future of online shopping might become post lockdown.

Her answer surprised us all. The boom in online shopping she said has also created some extraordinary prospects. Individuals who found themselves with no income after their companies closed have found work in both supermarkets and storage facilities . They comprise a Liverpool tailor who was manufacturing ensembles for the stars valued at £10,000. Now he's grossing ten pound sterling an hour as a picker and packer a job which he intends to keep when things finally return to normal.

In ending, you have to offer both praise and plaudits to all these companies, companies all doing good things for their workers throughout this Corona crisis.

We here at Worldwide Breaking News thank them all

Steve Simmonds

Worldwide Breaking News


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