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An Act of Extreme Kindness

Note hidden inside a container of baby formula from a superstore leaves a mum gobsmacked

A woman was shocked when she opened a new box of baby formula from a superstore and uncovered a note from a stranger had been hidden inside it

When Tillz Siofele realized that she was running low of baby formula for her tiny toddler, she didn't think twice about asking her husband to go out and buy a top-up.

The dutiful father, when arriving back home, placed the new container of formula where it belonged in a cupboard in the kitchen. Here it would stay until a few days later when mum opened the new box and was amazed at what she found inside.

Within the new container, mum found a handwritten message nestled at the top of the box. Furthermore, neatly folded beside the note was a crisp, new, five-dollar note.

The mom, who resides in Brisbane, Australia, stated she felt it was "strange" at first, but on closer scrutiny, the heartwarming message left her feeling somewhat dumbstruck.

The note simply said: "Enjoy this little something, Happy Wealth Wednesday." The mysterious donor had thought out her message to the family well, as she had also drawn a smiley face, plus a little red heart neatly clipped to the note for added emphasis.

Curious about where it had come from, Ms Siofele took to social media to share her find.

She posted a photo of the kind gesture on Facebook, where it garnered plenty of attention.

Some people were quick to suggest that it might have been left by a woman named Susanna Lucy, from Camira.

Susanna is known for her acts of kindness in the area, often leaving small surprises for a stranger's in their shopping.

Later, Susanna confirmed that yes, she was the one who had written the note.

Talking to, Ms Lucy related: "There's not enough of that sort of stuff that happens. I get a lot out of it too obviously."

She added that she loves to make someone else's day.

Ms Siofele so inspired by the gesture has now decided to pay the money forward, as she doesn't need the five dollars, but someone else out there might benefit from it.

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Steve Simmonds

Credits and sources: Ms Siofele Facebook and,


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