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Americas Coup d'état

No matter whether you like or dislike “President Donald Trump,” no matter if you like or dislike his policies, or for that matter his constant stream of Twitter tweets, America has never had a more outspoken sitting President as “Donald Trump,” yes-no other American President has, through his daily Twitter updates exposed his innermost feelings and thoughts to an eagerly awaiting American public, and for this, he should be congratulated.

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The proposed impeachment of President Trump happening on Capital Hill today can only be seen as one thing, an attempted “Coup d’etat,” whether it will become a bloodless Coup remains to be realised, one thing for sure however, America will never be the same again, it will become just like any other dictatorial third nation country who when it suits them, will, through revolution, military force or simple assassination rid themselves from a democratically elected leader.

Is it not so, that for once, America has a president who is not afraid to say what he feels, unlike many of his predecessors, he does in-fact govern in openness, an openness which many of the sitting republicans or democrats apparently fear with every inch of their overfed bodies.

Correct me if I am wrong, was Mr Trump not the peoples choice when they elected him into power, and can this impeachment only be because both Republicans and Democrats fear that Donald Trump will be reelected into power once again this time next year, I think so, you Americans know so, so for the sake of democracy the fate of America is now in your hands, stop these over-inflated dictatorial capital hill bureaucrats from destroying your vote, vote for change now, and kick these self-inflated leaches from power and prevent this Coup d’etat” from going any further.

Steve Simmonds

Worldwide Breaking News

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