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Albertans want to split from Canada and become the 51st state of America.

Alberta 51st State of America
Alberta 51st State of America

It would appear Albertans want to split from Canada and have had enough of Mr. Trudeau and want to become the 51st state of the USA, some civil liberty groups have already started to educate the public as to the positive benefits of becoming Americans, it would also seem that Albertans are not alone in thinking this, as according to a recent poll, one-fifth of all Canadiens from various provinces also feel they would be better of under the protection of the US Government.

The above shocking situation comes at a time when the Canadian government under the control of Mr. Trudeau, seems to be utilizing increasingly authoritarian tactics to keep its population under its control, notable actions carried out by the federal government based in Ottawa is the arrest of Christian pastors and the freezing of some of their political opponent's bank accounts during the trucker convey protests last year.

We all should have known that this was coming as when Trudeau first appeared on the scene just a few years ago he shocked many people by saying that Canada does not have a culture and in that respect they are no different from anyone else or any other province and that’s why a better way to describe Canada would be a multiculturalism country.

Some advocates of a free and globalist country have even called Trudeau a fascist or communist at heart, a person who will never be held to account after all he is the person who appoints the judges and I am sure none of them would ever want to go against the boss, you only have to look at Trudeau’s assertions on the Albertan province it was, to say the least quite insulting to them as it was with Saskatchewan residents, eastern British Columbia, and the Yukon, who he likened to rural Americans, especially Montana, and Texas.

I will end here but before I do I must mention Mr. Trudeau's final comment in respect of Alberta where he said, that the rich resources Alberta has, oil, etc. have been siphoned off by their neighbors namely other Canadian Provinces, so in a nutshell maybe this is why the Albertans think they may be better off as the 51st American State.

Steve Simmonds


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